Board and Management

Board and Management

Dr. Andrew Firek

Dr. Firek holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. degrees and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the Australian Institute of Energy.  He has been involved in minerals exploration, mining and processing industry at operational and executive levels for over 30 years.

He worked in Europe as a Manager of a coal processing plant and in Africa as a United Nations expert in fossil fuels, mineral processing and energy generation.  He was a Group Leader at the CSIRO, Division of Fossil Fuels in Sydney and was engaged in developing technologies to produce liquid fuels from coal.  He was a Project Director at Memtec Ltd working on advanced separation technologies, following which, he joined Pancontinental Mining Ltd, where he was a Research and Development Manager involved in substantial mineral resources projects including gold, base metals and uranium and technology development and commissioning of a $220 million magnesia production plant near Rockhampton in Queensland.  He worked on site during construction and commissioning for 12 months.  He was a founding director of four ASX-listed companies and managed coal, iron ore, base and precious metals exploration, feasibility studies and financial negotiations for projects in Australia, South America and Inner Mongolia in China.

Dr. Firek is a former Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Coalworks Ltd, which was taken over by Whitehaven Ltd in 2012, and a former Executive Director of Allegiance Mining NL, Zelos Resources NL and a Non-Executive Director of Ausmex Mining Group Ltd.  Currently he is an Independent Director of Wollongong  Coal Limited.

Mr. Aaron Day, Managing Director

Aaron Day has 20 years’ experience in exploration, mining, processing, and plant commissioning having been employed by Ausmex Mining Group managing the company’s exploration, drilling and logistical programs in Cloncurry mineral field since early 2017. Aaron has also held senior positions with Zeehan Zinc and with Cudeco Ltd and extensive exploration management in copper, lead, zinc, silver gold and uranium. Aaron is also employed by the company as Site Senior Executive (SSE) for the Mt Freda group of mining leases and associated tenements and is also a Member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (MAusIMM). Aaron has consulted and been employed by several ASX listed and private companies in Australia. His duties have included designing and managing exploration and drilling programs, cadastral, environmental, health and safety, machinery and construction, site services and geophysical surveys and programs. With Aaron joining the Board and being a full-time resident of Cloncurry, will allow the company to have a director on a full-time basis solely for managing the Companies tenements and assets in the Cloncurry region. Aaron commenced his role as a non-executive director on 1st July 2017 and then the Managing Director in June 2020.

Mr. Trevor Coombe, Non-Executive Director

Mr. Coombe was previously Managing Director of Young Australia Mines Limited previously known as Moly Mines Pty Ltd. He was in charge of the operation of the business direction and cost management of the company. Mr Coombe has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Kurri Kurri aluminium smelter in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales (which under his stewardship was one of the largest industrial complexes in New South Wales, with a total direct and indirect workforce of up to 2,000 people) and Norske Hydro‘s Head of Global Alumina and Smelter Growth for the Oceania Region. Norske Hydro is one of the major global integrated aluminium producers. Mr. Coombe served in these roles for a period of over 13 years. Prior to entering the aluminium industry, Mr. Coombe was involved in the mining industry for over 30 years, including as Chief Executive Officer of Savage Resources’ coal mining operation at Liddell Mine in the Hunter Valley, and General Manager of Pasminco’s silver-lead-zinc-goldcopper mining operations at Rosebery, Tasmania. He has also spent substantial parts of his early career at Broken Hill and Cobar (with CRA) and as the Senior Mining Engineer for the Lady Loretta joint venture in the Cloncurry region.

Mr. Matt Suttling Chief Financial Officer

Mr Suttling formerly of BDO Accountants, is a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice. He has practiced in the corporate mining and commercial sectors for many years including management accounting,  IPOs, financial modelling and resource related work.

Ms. Pam Menzies, Company Secretary

Mrs. Menzies has over 30 years of experience as a Company Secretary and governance professional and has worked in listed public companies and in professional practice.